Prepare your stay in France : housing, administrative issues, culture and life

International students, this post is for you !
Campus France (public agency) helps you with the preparation of your studies in France.
It will answer all your questions about your stay : housing, administrative issues, culture and life in France.


Two documents you will need in French (translated by an authorized translator)

Birth certificate + Last degree

How to open a bank account ?

To open an account you need a residence certificate (it can be handwritten by your landlord), an ID. Bring your scolarship certificate if you have it.
Choose a bank agency close to your university.

Can I work in France ?

Yes but no more than 20 hours a week (part-time).

Can I stay in France to get a job ?

You can stay one year more (if you have a master degree).

How does the Residence permit cost ?

Usually it costs 58 euros

Do I have to get a health insurance ?

Yes, it is mandatory (“sécurité sociale” (you don’t have to pay if you are under 28) + “mutuelle” (one month to get it)).

Tips to find a residence/apartment ?

You can visit this site CROUS/CNOUS

Budget for a room / stufio ?

400 to 900 euros per month in Paris
300 to 700 euros per month in other places

What do I need to rent a room / studio ?

You have to show that you have regular income (and money on your bank account).

Can you tell me an advice about cultural activities ?

Don’t forget your student card as it will give you discounts.

Which papers should I carry everyday when I am going out ?

You can bring your “Titre de séjour”.
Scan your documents and send it to your online email box.
For example, have a scan of your passport on your phone.

If I have other questions ?

You can contact Campus France

Want to know more ? Watch this very useful video :


Online French teachers (lessons via skype)

Find your online French Teacher with Le Café du FLE

Discover more than 50 French teachers !

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