How to start learning French ?

The first step to learn french is to start with key vocabulary. Here are some common French topics you can focus on to start your learning.

How to start learning French ?


1. Greetings

You can begin with simples expressions as : Bonjour (hello), Au revoir (good bye), Comment allez vous ? (how are you?), Je m’appelle… (my name is…), Comment vous appelez vous ? (what’s your name?)

2. Numbers, weather expressions, alphabet, how to tell time…

The vocabulary concerning these topics will be daily helpful, for exemple to ask somebody the time or to break the ice talking about the weather. If you come to make tourism you may have to ask for directions, to order Food, to buy things, etc

3. The 6 possible french pronouns.

This is he first step to build a simple sentence. Learn who to say: I, you, him, her, we, and they.

4. Verbs and conjugation

You need to learn how to conjugate (use the correct verb tense with the correct speaker). The 4 most important French verbs are être (to be), aller (to go), faire (to do), and avoir (to have). Your can start to learn to conjugate with the present tense. Then, learn how to put an verb into the past tense.

5. Common nouns and adjectives

You need to learn the words and genders for things like: family members, places, Household items, Food , transportation , Days and Months… You will also need to learn simple adjectives such as good, bad, new, young, old, fun, happy, sad.

We wish you success in your learning !

The teachers of the community offers to help you with French courses on Skype.

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